March 29, 2023

The World Health Organization has announced an update to the Corona virus variant tracking and classification system to better represent the global situation and keep pace with the rapid change of the Omicron mutant.

And World of Health classified the alpha, beta, gamma, and delta variants as “previously circulating mutations,” now focusing on the study of new Omicron variant mutants that emerged in 2022. .

She explained that Omicron’s monitored variables are “XBB 1.5” which is the most contagious and widespread currently and has been classified as an “interesting” variable, while 5 other variables have been classified as “under surveillance”. namely: “Ch.1.1” and “B.A. 2.75″, “BQ.1”, “XBB” and “XBF”.

And the organization pointed out that Omicron viruses make up 98% of the strains currently circulating and infect the upper respiratory tract: “pharynx and trachea” and do not infect the lower respiratory tract, like previous variants that affected the lungs, warning that this is not means that Omicron no longer poses a threat to public health.

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